Health and Anti-aging

Everyone considers health to be an important asset. We not only keep healthy by eating a good diet but also by physical activity. Often, however, physical activity loses out. We spend our days at work, while our evenings are filled with social commitments.
Compared with any other training equipment, the BodyShaker gives you a better workout in less time and, very importantly, with less effort. The BodyShaker is ideal for maintaining and/or improving your general health. Great benefits like increased strength and recovery capacity certainly contribute to your success together with the BodyShaker.

Humans usually experience a gradual decline in physical performance from around the age of 35. How this develops depends on lifestyle. Major research has shown that a conditional decline of 1% a year can occur from the age of 25. It has also been shown that regular exercise can delay the process. Around the age of 40, we reach our maximum strength capacity; loss of strength will subsequently be most strongly seen in the leg and trunk muscles. Any form of training slows down this loss.

Muscle tissue, joints and tendons lose their elasticity and suppleness with age, causing people to become less supple. As one gets older, the muscle mass declines and the amount of body fat increases. The BodyShaker can have great results, even if one starts later on in life.
Regular training with the BodyShaker, about 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week, can have benefits later on in life, irrespective of whether someone has practised sports in the past. Thus whatever your age and unless there is any counter indication, training on the BodyShaker is guaranteed to benefit you.

Your flexibility increases and the resulting production of collagen improve your appearance. Using the Bodyshaker you can do all the floor exercises you used to do. However you can now enhance your workout externally without having to lift heavy weights. When you do such an exercise dynamically for 1 minute, it has the same effect as 30 lunges with a heavy pole on one’s neck.
You can now improve the quality and quantity of your life fast and effectively.